Merita Kettunen
Legitimizing European Criminal Law: Justification and Restrictions
ISBN: 9783030161736
The book examines how and according to which principles the enactment of European criminal legislation is legitimate. The approach adopted here focuses on the constitutionalization of criminal law (i.e., the growing importance of constitutional ...
€ 124,79
Innovation in Scientific research and Emerging Technologies
ISBN: 9788892119819
Innovation in scientific research a
€ 59,49

Andrea Buratti
Western constitutionalism. History, institutions, comparative law
ISBN: 9788892116085
Western constitutionalism 2ed.
€ 72,79

G. Adinolfi, A. Lupone
International economic law contemporary issues
ISBN: 9783319446448
This volume scrutinises the main challenges faced by States in their current international economic relations from an interdisciplinary perspective. It combines legal research with political and economic analysis and favours dialogue among ...
€ 149,00

G. Cellamare, I. Ingravallo
Peace maintenance in Africa. Open legal issues
ISBN: 9783319722924
This book discusses the many legal aspects arising in relation to the maintenance of peace in Africa. Over the past twenty years, the majority of peace operations have been deployed on this continent, most of them established by the UN Security ...
€ 129,00